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A step-by-step guide on how to find the right sprayed concrete solution, by our concrete repair specialists CCUK

Sprayed concrete is a cost-effective and efficient concrete application, commonly used to repair concrete damage of all shapes and sizes. It involves using a hose-type tool to propel wet or dry-sprayed concrete to a surface, wall, ceiling, or other foundational assets. Here is your step-by-step guide on how to find the right sprayed concrete solution. We hope you find it useful, and feel free to contact our team for further info.

How to find the right sprayed concrete solution

Like most specialist repair services, it can be difficult to know exactly what you need. This is particularly true if you’re newly responsible for dealing with building or structure repairs, or if this is the first time your site needs a repair (lucky you guys!).

So you’ve learned that your building has concrete damage and needs repair before the problem escalates. Here’s a step-by-step of what to do next:

  1. Find out what the problem is

The first (logical) step is to find out what the problem is:

  • Are your concrete slabs damaged?
  • Or your concrete beams?
  • Is your concrete roof in need of repair?
  • Or your flooring?
  • Do you have cracks in your concrete wall(s)?

You don’t need to know the exact problem but identifying the type of repair problem could help. Sprayed concrete is great at:

  • Tackling hard-to-reach places
  • Working on high-up damage and tall buildings
  • Repairing awkwardly-shaped structures, buildings, and assets
  • Providing efficient concrete application before weathering affects its performance (i.e. near a corrosive environment such as a water supply).

And so, if you know the rough location or nature of the damage, you can begin to question whether sprayed concrete solutions are the right fit. Of course, you can always book a free feasibility survey with a contractor, who will tell you whether the application is suitable.

  1. Do your research on concrete repairs services

Although you might not be an expert in concrete repairs, it can be useful to approach a contractor with a little prior knowledge. In this case, you’ll want to look up `sprayed concrete repairs` to learn about what the application is and the added benefits of choosing it as a repair solution. What’s more, you can work with your contractor to weigh up the pros and cons before deciding upon sprayed concrete over an alternative solution. Our team has written lots of articles and other resources about sprayed concrete and related services (poured and hand-applied concrete repair); head over to our blog section and browse at your leisure.


  1. Enlist the help of a sprayed concrete expert 

Sprayed concrete services are completed by a fully-trained and qualified concrete repairs contractor. Not only is it pivotal to choose a contractor who knows how to properly assess the site, prepare, apply, and consider the aftercare of sprayed concrete – but they also need to be aware of health and safety risks. Your contractor may well be working around harmful chemicals or hanging from the side of a building to remedy damaged concrete – you’ll want to know they are safe (and insured) while working on your project.


  1. Book a feasibility survey with a sprayed concrete expert

Spraying concrete is the most efficient method of concrete application, particularly for large, obscure, or time-sensitive jobs – but it can also be a better option if the environment is tricky or unsafe. Book your free feasibility survey with our Yorkshire and Humber-based team today.

What to look for: The two types of sprayed concrete

At CCUK, we offer both types of sprayed concrete:

  • Wet sprayed concrete

Also known as shotcrete (especially in the US), wet-sprayed concrete comes with the added benefit of generating less waste.

  • Dry sprayed concrete

Also known as gunite, dry-sprayed concrete propels lower volumes of concrete at one time, but can be used for very delicate jobs or awkwardly-shaped surface areas.

Both wet and dry-sprayed concrete is an extremely efficient, effective, and cost-effective methods of concrete application. The best way to decipher which application is best suited to your project is by contacting a sprayed concrete specialist for advice. They’ll also certainly offer a feasibility survey (site visit) and/or cost analysis (price quote) prior to application. At CCUK, we offer both consultations free of charge.

To read more about the two aforementioned types, skip to our designated blog: What is the Difference Between Wet and Dry Sprayed Concrete Repair? 

What to look for: Sprayed concrete specifications

To learn about sprayed concrete specifications, skip to our designated blog, Concrete Spraying: Uses, Specifications, Prices, and More 

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