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Concrete Repairs Division

We are a leading UK Concrete Repairs and Specialist Construction workforce – based on your doorstep

Whether you require our sprayed concrete services, crack injection systems, or blast cleaning and preparation techniques – we’ll get your job logged quickly and your repairs completed as a priority. We are also a leading provider of hydrophobic & hydrophilic leak sealing and water barrier systems – which are essential concrete repairs services for structures with cracks and leaks.

Before we carry out any concrete repairs project, big or small, we will visit your site to conduct a feasibility study and cost analysis. This step determines whether the repairs desired are feasible and it also gives us the opportunity to share a quote with you.


Concrete repairs for buildings & structures

The successful application of concrete repairs for buildings and structures requires high quality materials, and most importantly – experienced and skilled tradespeople need to be at the helm to ensure the project is undertaken correctly first time. There are many tough aspects of concrete repairs that only experienced tradespeople will be familiar with – such as the removal of defective areas of concrete, the preparation of exposed steel reinforcement, and concrete reinstatement with the most suitable materials. Each stage of concrete repairs – including preparing and finishing the area – has to be done properly and precisely for the repair to be durable.

Concrete repairs for small repair areas

At CCUK, we treat small concrete repairs the same as we would any large project – with accuracy, precision, and professionalism. For small repair areas, our skilled tradespeople use a variety of specialist methods depending on the project at hand. These hand-picked methods typically include:

  • The use of electric tools or pneumatic tools, or hydro demolition to remove damaged and deteriorated areas of concrete;
  • The use of hand-applied mortar or sprayed concrete (wet sprayed concrete or dry sprayed concrete) to repair damaged areas;
  • The use of concrete surface finishing (such as a shutter board finish or exposed aggregate finish) including colour and texture matching. Our skilled workforce are able to achieve a high quality finish to match the parent concrete;
  • Finally, after the repairing the concrete, protective coatings can be applied to all exposed concrete surfaces. This is to enhance durability and to heighten aesthetical value, and also to protect the area against further carbonation of the concrete and chloride ingress.

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Our core concrete repairs services

Our skilled tradespeople have 40+ years of experience in completing a wide range of concrete repairs, so you trust that we will carry out your repairs correctly first time, economically and to timescales. Our core six concrete repairsservices are:


Hand applied concrete repairs using traditional skills and training to achieve a desired structural and aesthetical finish. Architecturally coloured or textured to meet the clients demands using a wide range of manufacturers and suppliers.


Spraying concrete is commonly the most efficient method of concrete application; it has a high strength and extremely durable finish. The reduction in requirement for formwork also saves significant time and money.


This set of services includes leak sealing joints, cracks, and fissures in concrete brickwork, structural waterproofing solutions for manholes and pipelines, bridge leak sealing, and waterproof membranes and injection grouting to name a few.


We use of waterproof membranes and fillers to repair leaks, cracks, and gaps on any concrete surface by using our menu of specialist Polyurethane, Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic resins. We also carry out curtain wall grouting and ground stabilisation


We have a plethora of crack injection repair systems – including resin injection systems for structural repairs, flexible systems for concrete repairs, and chemical systems for chemical repairs.


Grit blasting, also known as abrasive blasting or shot blasting – is a surface preparation technique used for the removal of coatings from any surface or structure.


At CCUK, we are proud to say we are one the UK’s leading asset maintenance contractors for buildings and structures… and we operate on your doorstep! Our home-base is situated in Hull – meaning our concrete repairs workforce is always ready for dispatch in and around the Humber region.

We established in 2010 as a Composites Construction and Fibrwrap specialist and have since built a reputation in the industry for:

The Quality of our Service

Our Innovative Engineering Solutions

Our Commitment to Safety and Sustainability

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