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Sprayed Concrete Services

Our Sprayed Concrete Services

At CCUK, our essential sprayed concrete services include wet and dry sprayed concrete, along with the traditional methods of poured and hand-applied. Spraying concrete is the most efficient method of concrete application, particularly for large, obscure, or time-sensitive jobs – but it can also be a better option if the environment is tricky or unsafe. The type of sprayed concrete services we use entirely depends on the job at hand, and we will always discuss the options thoroughly with you during your free feasibility survey and cost analysis.

Sprayed Concrete Services
Sprayed Concrete Services

The properties of wet and dry sprayed concrete

Wet and dry sprayed concrete exhibits properties that make it favourable over other concrete application methods (such as poured or hand-applied); including:

  • Durable finish;
  • High strength;
  • Waterproof, fireproof and freeze proof;
  • High speed & output;
  • Efficient application;
  • Reduces the need for formwork, cost & time efficient.

What are sprayed concrete services used for?

At CCUK, we use wet and dry sprayed concrete for the strengthening and repair of existing structures; largely because its easy flowing consistency is ideal for the reinstatement of concrete on vertical surfaces, overhead surfaces, and curved structures. Both variations of sprayed concrete are also used throughout:

  • Bonded overlay;
  • Structural repairs;
  • Ground stabilisation;
  • Additional cover to reinforcement;
  • Fire protection;
  • Swimming pool shells;
  • And basement waterproofing.
Sprayed Concrete Services

More about wet and dry sprayed concrete

Dry Sprayed Concrete

This method of application can often be used where smaller quantities are required and is also ideal for use in confined spaces. Dry sprayed concrete carries many advantages due to its flexibility; it has a high strength for early curing and loading as well as stabilisation works. Additionally, dry spray has an almost unlimited holding time and availability of stored material.

Wet Sprayed Concrete

This method of application can often be used where higher outputs are required; large structures can be worked on quickly and efficiently when opting to use wet spray. Wet sprayed concrete carries the advantage of providing much higher durability, which is due to the controlled mixing water quantity. Additionally, it conjures a much better working environment, providing less dust and waste material.

Sprayed Concrete Services

Sprayed Concrete Contractors in Yorkshire & the Humber

CCUK provides high-quality sprayed concrete services that include preparation and finishing. We are experienced specialist applicators of sprayed concrete and are also members of Concrete Society. We provide cost engineering solutions for our clients without the compromise. Our sprayed concrete services operate solely in the Yorkshire and Humber area.

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