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Waterproofing Barrier Systems

Waterproof barrier system supplier

CCUK are the only UK licensed supplier of waterproof barrier systems to include every essential service you need – including leak sealing joints, cracks, and fissures, structural waterproofing for pipes and manholes, basement waterproofing, and grouting. CCUK also provides a range of basement tanking systems for both internal and external tanking, recognised and authorised by Sika.

The type of waterproof barrier systems we use entirely depends on the job at hand, and we will always discuss the options thoroughly with you during your free feasibility survey and cost analysis.

Waterproofing Barrier Systems
Waterproofing Barrier Systems

What are waterproofing barrier systems used for?

When we apply structural waterproofing, we are guaranteeing full protection to walls, floors, basements, and other foundational elements prone to leaks and moisture seepage. At CCUK, we use waterproof barrier systems to provide solutions in the following areas:

  • Leak sealing joints in precast and in situ concrete structures and elements;
  • Leak sealing cracks and fissures in concrete brickwork and stone structures;
  • Structural waterproofing solutions for manholes, pipes, tunnels, shafts, and culverts;
  • Structural waterproofing solutions for bridge leak sealing;
  • Basement structural waterproofing and tanking systems;
  • Waterproof membranes and injection grouting.

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At CCUK, we carry out full internal render systems to any structure, which allows us to complete essential waterproofing solutions to protect its foundations from future leaks and moisture seepage.