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Crack Injection Systems

CCUK provides a full range of crack injection systems, made from high-quality epoxy resin. Options are available depending on the type of structure or failure that requires repair.

What are crack injection systems used for?

At CCUK, we offer a wide range of specialist crack injection systems, which are completed by our fully-trained experts. Our core systems include:

Resin Injection Systems

for structural repairs

Chemical Systems

for use where joints are water bearing or open to chemical attack.

Flexible Systems

for concrete crack repairs

We also offer concrete resin injection which can also have the added benefit of fire resistance. Resin injection systems offer the benefit of fire and heat resistance where high temperatures often occur.

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Why choose CCUK for your crack injection systems?

We are one of the UK’s leading resin injection contractors

and we offer:


Highly-trained concrete repair teams with 25+ years of experience

An excellent, unrivalled resin injection service

Efficiency and quality

If you would like to book a free feasibility survey and cost analysis with us, you can do so by filling in our designated form. Here, you will have the opportunity to find out if crack injection systems are suitable for your structure, along with receiving a free, no-obligation quote and answers to any questions you may have.

Crack injection systems in Yorkshire and the Humber

Are you having trouble finding the service you are looking for? Please get in touch with our Yorkshire-based crack injection experts today – we’re one of the UK’s leading providers based on your doorstep.

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