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A guide to a delicate form of surface preparation using blasting soda. Find out more with us at CCUK

When we think about industrial surface cleaning, we picture harsh chemicals and abrasive tools. And traditionally, this was a contractor’s `go-to`. Tough stains and rust needed an equally tough method. But with that approach came a price; industrial cleaning held the risk of permanently damaging surfaces and harming the environment around us. Fortunately, nowadays, much gentler forms of industrial surface prep exist. In this guide, we detail one of our favourite upcoming methods which uses blasting soda.

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What is blasting soda?

Blasting soda – or soda blasting – is a gentle form of industrial blast cleaning. Similar to other abrasive blast cleaning methods (albeit safer and non-toxic), blasting soda involves propelling soda bicarbonate crystals and compressed water or air at the asset in need of a deep clean or surface prep. Soda bicarbonate is just plain old baking soda, so you can start to see why it’s better for the environment and the people using it. Nigella would approve!

What’s more, because the particles are far smaller in size, they are less likely to cause damage to a surface or the base material underneath during cleaning or preparation. During application, the crystals actually smash into tinier pieces to aid with deep cleaning. Very clever, huh?

Is soda blasting effective?

Absolutely! It is worth noting that while soda blasting is gentle and uses soft impact, the crystals themselves are sharp. This is how the abrasive cleaning effect is achieved without the usually forceful application.

What is soda blasting used for?

Soda blasting does the same job as other, more abrasive forms of blast cleaning. Much like sandblasting, grit blasting, wet blasting, and vacuum blasting – soda blasting is highly effective and efficient at doing the following:

  1. Removing existing coatings from surfaces
  2. Surface prep for concrete and steel structures/structural elements
  3. Stain removal
  4. Removing rust
  5. Rust prevention (by drying a layer of sodium bicarb onto a surface)
  6. Blasting away mould and muck
  7. Getting rid of graffiti
  8. Structural rehabilitation following a fire
  9. Deep cleaning of industrial equipment
  10. And more*.

*Contact our friendly expert team for further info.

The difference with soda blasting, though, is that it can be used to clean and prepare more delicate surfaces and structures. It’s also better for the environment – from the preparation of soda blasting, to during soda blasting, and finally the clean-up of soda blasting.

Learn more by visiting our designated `blast cleaning and preparation techniques`

What makes soda blasting environmentally friendly?

Soda blast cleaning is 100% environmentally friendly. A bold statement, but we are proud to shout about it! Here’s what makes soda blast cleaning kind to the environment:

  • Its soda bicarb crystals are natural and non-toxic to people, animals, and the environment
  • Soda blasting does not exhume toxic gases or chemicals
  • Soda blasting media is 100% water soluble, meaning no waste
  • Soda blasting doesn’t generate high heat during application
  • The machines do not use excessive amounts of energy to operate
  • It is quick to complete which means overall energy usage is low

Soda blasting is safe to use on…

…almost any material, even natural and organic ones! The materials that cope well during soda blasting treatment include, but are not limited to:

  • Carbon Fibre
  • Stainless Steel
  • Rubber
  • Brick
  • Wood
  • Sandstone
  • Steel
  • Fibreglass
  • Aluminium
  • Glass
  • GRP

Did you know…?

In 1984, soda blast cleaning was one of the specialised techniques used during the most recent rehabilitation of the Statue of Liberty. Specifically, soda blasting was used to rid the statue of multiple layers of unwanted paint and coal tar before integral repairs took place. The Statue of Liberty was, of course, a cherished gift from the French to the Americans, and it was built from soft copper. Well, if it is good enough for The Statue of Liberty…

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